Makeup Artist Hawaii - Makeup Artist Training
Makeup Artist Hawaii  - Makeup Artist Training
Academy of Makeup Artist Training

All attendees receive 
15% Discount Mac Cosmetics during class and training dates. 

50% Discount Farmasi only $30.00 sign up fee includes starter kit. 
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Hawaii State Licensed Instructor and former Principal and Make-up Artist  and  Instructor for ISBE Hawaii 8 years  Eyelash Extension Service and Trainer Experience

Models may be required per session.  Be prepared to purchase odds and ends to complete your makeup station set up the list will be reviewed during day one.  As part of the training to prepare for makeup work.

Along with homework assignments to include your work between classes to validate skills learned during training.

Your appearance, professionalism, attitude, makeup set up/breakdown sanitation model interaction and timing will be accessed. you will be responsible to ensure your model shows up on time.  Be prepared for verbal and handwritten quizzes, homework, projects and to qualify for certification.

Starter Makeup Artist Kit Includes Brush Set, Makeup Artist Mixing Palette Spatula  and Carry Case  Available for Retail $300.00


Private $1975.00
Five 2.5 hour sessions

Share with your friend $1775.00 each
Five 3-hour sessions

5 2.5 hour sessions $1500.00


Intended for those with little or no experience.

  • 101
  • Learn the 5 important you in creating the look your client is seeking.
  • Create a balanced brow the importance of mapping each clients brow
  • Introduction to color theory and how to apply this knowledge to Make-up Artistry
  • Contouring and hi-lighting
  • Detailed Eye shadow placement to creating clean evening and dramatic, smokey eyes that will enhance any eye shape
  • Understanding and learning the importance of eye sets and how it could make or break your eye design
  • Market your self
  • Create your business card
  • Create your website

Hours are condensed for those with some experience and comfort working on faces. For newly experienced makeup ready to bring their techniques to the next level. Learn all concepts listed in the scheduled group module in 1
Excellent for interest with limited time.
Must provide own models.
1200.00 - PRIVATE 

must complete 101
$1500.00 - Private
$1300.00 - Share with your friend
$1100.00 - Group

Four 2- hour sessions
Must provide own model
Schedule arranged Monday-Sunday
Strictly with critique and refinement.

Airbrush Makeup Artistry

Airbrushing is the only way to achieve a flawless, natural look! Here's how it works. A small amount of specially formulated makeup is turned into a light, super-fine mist and directed exactly where it is needed. These give you the coverage you desire, while still allowing your natural tones to show through. The result is a flawless, natural, and undetectable coverage, using the very least amount of foundation possible. Now you too can learn to offer your clients that movie star flawless look!

Our interactive basic training focuses on M-up for the Digital Edge Point and Shoot!
The fundamentals of airbrush makeup with an emphasis on beauty makeup for photography, film, stage HD 

Make-up Artist Training in Hawaii's Airbrushing Module is centered on the following

  • Perfecting skin tones
  • Color Matching
  • Color Theory
  • Sheer Skin Perfection
  • Brow stenciling
  • Creative face stenciling
  • Designing contours and highlights on the entire face
  • Designing contour and highlights for eye design with an editorial edge
  • Introduction to body tanning.
  • Introduction to Ab Definition Six Pack for men for your male models, actors


Karen-Marie Amper is a Licensed Master Esthetician and Licensed State of Hawaii Instructor with 34 years of knowledge and experience in Salon, Make-up Artist/Stylist & Resort Spa expertise!  

She specialized as a Stylist & Make-up Artist for the first 10 years of her profession.

Projects included fashion shows, photo for models and photographers updating composites and portfolios, bridal make-up artistry, and image consulting.  

Followed by 23 years of Resort Spa experience as an Esthetician and Principal and in house Esthetics trainer at each location.  A total of 34 years of background and experience to share with you!