Makeup Artist Hawaii - Skincare and Makeup Class
Makeup Artist Hawaii  - Academy of Makeup Artist Training
Skincare & Makeup Make-Over

Private $975.00
Share with friend $775.00 each
Choice of day and time
4-2 hours sessions

Bring in your own make-up and learn how work with what you have to complete your make-up set up and new look!
Or studio kit and brushes are available for training session.

Sessions include:
  • Before and after photos
  • Personal consultation session to customize your session to your goal and expectation.
  • Skin Care 101 Getting to know your skin type and skin conditions
  • Make-up, make-over discover and learn to apply your:
  • Day/Polished/Evening Make-up Application
  • False lash application
  • Styled for your face shape, eye set, eye shape
  • Creating balanced brow with symmetry and balance
  • Colors that will enhance your skin tone
  • Receive your personal skin consultation and analysis
  • Receive your personal home care regime

  • Brow shaping service
  • 45 min Deep Cleansing Facial
  • 3 Follow up exfoliating refreshing mini peel weekly sessions to address acne, over pigmentation, aging and dry skin

Personal Make-up Lessons

3-2 hour sessions
Private Sessions
Maybe customized to full fill your interest.

Choice of day and time!
Bring in your own make-up and learn how work with what you have or need to complete your make-up set up and make-over!
Studio kit and brushes available for workshop.

  • Learn and refine your make-up application for clean professional day and evening looks
  • Introduction to full make-up application with detail and refinement
  • Learn and recognize your eye shape
  • Learn eyebrow mapping and how to balance your  eyebrows
  • Learn a horizontal and vertical eye design for your eye shape
  • Create your day look and added enhancement transiting to a  clean or dramatic evening look
  • Learn how to work with your face shape
  • Learn subtle contouring and hi-lighting technique to enhance your positive features and detour attention from lesser positive features!
  • Introduction to color theory and how to apply this knowledge to your make-up application
  • Learn to apply eyelash bands and tabs
  • Start your personal portfolio of before and after photos per session.